Le Curtelet - Campsite in Savoie, France - Lac d'Aiguebelette, Lépin-le-Lac

Rules of the campground

Camping le Curtelet *** Tourisme
Lieu dit le Curtelet
73610 Lépin le lac
Tel : 04-79-44-11-22
Contact: campinglecurtelet@gmail.com
RCS Chambéry : A 343 744 801
Siret :829 988 914 000 18


To be allowed to enter and stay on the campground, one must be authorized by the office staff or the manager of
the campground.
Minors not accompanied by their parents are only admitted with the written authorization of their parents and
accompanied by a responsible adult.
The structure of the campground doesn’t allow the reception of large groups.
The decision to camp on the « Curtelet » campground implies the acceptance of the rules of the campground and
the undertaking to comply with the said rules.
Any person who violates the rules can be evicted. In case of serious offence, the manager reserves the right to
call the police.

Any person staying for even just one night on the campground must present himself to the reception with his
identity card or passeport and accomplish the necessary procedures.

The tent, caravan or camping car and all equipment must be installed on the location indicated by the manager.
Twin axel caravan are not permited on site.

Opening hours, every day :
– from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm in April, May, June and September.
– from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm in July and August.
You’ll find all informations you’ll require concerning campground activities, shopping, sports facilities, interesting tourist sites and different addresses that may be useful.

The total amount due for the stay on the camground must be paid on arrival at the reception desk. The amount is
based on the rate posted at the entrance of the campground. They are due according to the number of nights spent
on the campground.
Pitch : A day in the campground is counted between 2pm and 11am. The campsite pitch must be vacated at 11am so
that we may clean it up. Any day commenced is due.
Mobile home : A day in location is counted between 3pm and 10am. The mobile home must be vacated before 10am after an
inventory of fixtures so that we may dispose of it. Any day commenced is due.

Campers are asked to avoid making excessive noise or having loud discussions that may bother their neighbours.
There must be total silence between 10pm and 7am.

Dogs are accepted in the campground with a maximum of two per pitch and must be kept on a leash all time.
They are allowed in two conditions :
– valid vaccination against rabies
– identification by tattoo or chip certified by a card
Dogs of category 1 and 2 and unusual pets are not accepted on the campground. (See note below).
Animals are not allowed inside our mobile home.
Dogs and other animals are not allowed to roam freely and musn’t be left alone on the campground, even if left
locked up. Their owners are civilly responsible for them and must present proof that the animal’s vaccinations
are current.
Dogs are strictly prohibited on the beach and on the water from 10.00am to 6.00 pm.
They are not allowed in the public areas toilets, laundry…Except guide dogs.

Visitors must present themselves at the reception on their arrival and can be allowed on the campsite with the
prior approval of the manager and under the responsibility of the campers who invite them.
The entrance fee per visitor is payable by the camper.
Their vehicle must remain on the parking lot outside of the campground.
5 visitors maximum per pitch and mobile home.

Campground le Curtelet is «camping without motorized vehicles» in July and August. During this period
motorized vehicles are allowed only for arrivals and departures.
During July and August, motorized vehicles will have to be parked in the car park next to the campsite.
Vehicles are limited to a speed of 5 km per hour inside the campground.
Only vehicles belonging to campers are allowed to circulate on the grounds.
Parking, which is formally forbidden on the sites normally occupied by camping shelters or on the beach, must
furthermore not hinder circulation not prevent the installation of new arrivals.
Circulation is forbidden between 8.30 pm and 7 am vehicle access is closed from 8.30 pm.

Each camper is bound to refrain from any action that may harm the cleanliness, the hygiene and the aspect of the
campground. It is forbidden to throw dirty water on the ground or in the gutters. Caravenners and camping cars
owners must absolutely empty their waste water into the installations planned to that effect. Household garbage
and all types of waste must be deposited in the refuse containers.
Waste sorting is mandatory in the campsite. Special containers are at 50 meters.
The washroom facilities must be kept clean by all users who must respect the ladies and the men side.
Washing dishes or clothes is strictly forbidden outside of the tubs planned for this use.
The hanging of laundry is tolerated near the shelters if it is discreet and doesn’t bother the neighbours.
It must not be installed with clothesline, hammock or slickline between two trees.
Plants and flower beds must be respected. It’s forbidden to hammer nails into trees, cut any branches or plant
You’re not allowed to mark the limits of your campsite with any personal means or to dig into the ground. Any
damage caused to the vegetation, fences, ground or any camp facilities will be the resposibilityof the perpetrator.
The campsite must be put back into its original state at the end of your stay.

a/Fire :
Charcoal barbecues are allowed from a minimum height of 50 cm from the grass.
Wood fires are forbidden.
Camp stoves must be maintained in good working condition and must never be used inside a tent or a caravan.
Fire extinguishers are available to all. In case of fire, notify the management immediately. There is a first aid kit
in the reception office.
b/Theft :
Please notify the management of the presence on the campground of any suspect persons.
All campers are invited to take the usual precautions to protect their equipment.

12-GAMES :
The different play areas are used by the campers at their own risk. Parents must imperatively and under their
responsibility accompany their children when they are on the play areas and this at their own risk. Violent or
bothersome games cannot be organized near the installations.
It’s forbidden to climb on trees in the playground and in the campsite.

Dead storage is strictly forbidden on the campground.

They are responsible for the order and correct upkeep of the camp. They have the obligation to sanction serious
breaches of the rules and, if necessary, to evict the perpetrators.


  • April, May, June, September :
    From 9am to 12pm & from 2pm to 6pm
  • Jully and August :
    From 9am to 12pm & from 2pm to 7pm

The entrance gate is open from 7am to 22pm

Arrivals & Departures

  • Mobil-Home :
    - Arrival from 3pm to 8.30pm
    - Departure before 10am
  • Pitch :
    - Arrival from 2pm to 8.30pm
    - Departure before 11am

No arrival after 8.30 pm


Camping Le Curtelet***
73610 Lépin-le-Lac
Tél. : +33 479 441 122

Mail : campinglecurtelet@onlycamp.fr